Default colors for different elements


how may one set different default background colors for different elements (like notes, entities and so on) in the preferences? I only found the solution for all elements.

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Hi Sebastian,

You can set the default for a type of shape from the Format Fill Color dialog of any instance of that kind of shape. For details, please watch this movie:

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That’s exactly what i was looking for!

Thanks a lot Jick!


My pleasure! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I suspect that the video linked to above shows exactly what I want to do, but the link is now broken. Is an updated link available? Thanks.

For those also interested, the help page [Guide] Customizing VP’s default styles & options useful. (It’s strange that when you search the help for “default style” or “format color” in version 15, you get no results.)

Dear Dennis,

I’m not sure whether the broken link refers to the same video, but this video in our YouTube channel should teach the same thing:

And you may also find other useful tutorials or tips and tricks in our channel:

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