Default colors

Consider changing the color scheme for VP. Most of the icons are too colorful and distract from working (IDE’s these days are busy enough).

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Thank you for your suggestion. It will be great if you can tell me more specific about your problem. Thanks!

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Default Fill color
The default color for all shapes is blue. I know that you can change it but it doesn’t change the color used for new shapes as they are being dragged from the parent shape (that is still blue).

Icon colors
The icon colors in VP aren’t very good. Blue icons and yellow/blue icons dominate this tool and I don’t think they are a very good choice as they distract from the tool and make it look very busy.

Ultimately I would like a less distracting looking interface. The IDE’s (Netbeans and Eclipse) have started to understand how to apply minimal colors/window dressing but VP hasn’t come to that realization yet. Check out the requests of graphics designers in tools like Photoshop and even in the MacOS… they ask for minumal distraction in the UI so that they can concentrate on the content instead of the interface.

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Thanks for replying and your information. I’ve forwarded this thread to our engineers to follow-up. Once there are any feedbacks, I’ll comeback to you immediately. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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I second the remarks of no regarding the colors and the icons used in VP-UML.

Icons are hard to understand and VP-UML is too much colorful in general. To use soft unsaturated colors is ok sometime to highlight a region of a diagram but the omnipresent electric blue used everywhere is hard for the eyes.

To look professional a tool must be sober, if it looks like a KidPix™ it won’t be used by professionals; sad but true.

Icons must be understandable at first sight. Icons for standard function in the toolbar should have standard representation (New, Open, and Save).
Icons for categories of diagram in the Diagram Navigator should be generic since the diagram stamp in the folder icon is so small that it is not readable.
Icon for objects in the Model Navigator should represent only the general outline of the shape and be clear of any pseudo text. For example: Use case icon, Actor icon, and Component icon are good as they are clear of pseudo text. On the other hand, LifeLine, Activity, Package and Class icons are bad as they show pseudo text.
Interface icons in the context of a class diagram are particularly bad as they are not differentiable from class icon, while they are correctly displayed as a circle in the context of a component diagram.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I have also passed this one on to our developers as well.

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[quote=Jick]Hi Zart,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have also passed this one on to our developers as well.

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Any positive avancement concerning this issue ?
Can we provide suggestion ?

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