Default Report Order vs. displayed diagram order

When I’m editing diagrams in VP, they display in the tree on the left in (usually) alphabetical order. However, when I create a new report by clearing all selections, and adding all diagrams, the order they are listed appears to be the order in which they were created, not the order in the tree on the left.

Is there any way to get this fixed?


Dear Evan,

When adding all diagrams to the Print Diagrams list (select the project at the tree), they will be added based on their creation order. You can re-order the diagram by using the up/down arrow next to the Print Diagrams list or select the diagram in your order instead of selecting the whole project in the tree.

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nod But if I make a diagram of a different set of diagrams, and then want to back to the first set, the changes are lost. It would be very nice to be able to alter the default order so that I don’t have to re-arrange diagrams every time I make a report with a different subset of diagrams.

Hi Evan,

Currently the default orders are not able to be altered. I’ll forward your suggestion to our development team. Thanks for your suggestion.

In the current stage, the report writer may help you to solve your problem. You can create multiple reports for your project inside the report writer, and each report contains different subset of diagrams.

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