Delete user in teamwork server

How can i delete a created user in the teamwork server 10.0

I know how can i create a new user or how can i disable a user. but i doesn’t find, how can i delete a user.

I think a physical delet is inpossible. The reason is, that a user is refereced in a lot of objects as creater, owner and so on. if you delete a user you has a prblem with the referential integrity in the models.

I think what we need is a function to replace an inactiv user through an active user. The replacement must work in a batch mode an replace in all diagramms the ‘old’ user. After such a job it would be possible to delete a use.

Hi VPTSAdmin,

You can set a user inactive by editing the user and unchecking “Active”

Best regards,
Jick Yeung