Deleting branches that we created

We use a lot of branches in VP. And branches can only be deleted by admins. Is there a way to delete branches that I created? We want to be able to do that, delete our own branches.

As long as you got Delete branch permission in the server repository then you will allow to delete the branches of the projects that you assigned. In server admin panel you can go to Members tab, then mouse over on a member to select Edit, and check your permission under the Permissions tab (Update Member permission is need for this action). The Delete branch permission is the last item in the list. Hope this can help.

Thank you for your answer :pray:
Turns out I already have a delete branch permission. But I am still not sure how to do the actual deleting. I can’t find it on UI.

You can simply login to your server via web browser, then click on your name at the top right and select Administration. After that edit the project and switch to Branches tab to select the branches and delete them.

Oh, okay, I was trying to do it via desktop app.
Thanks again for your help.