Deleting Class from a Class Diagram and the effects to Related Class Diagrams

If I have two class diagrams each containing a different representation of the same class WHY when I delete one class ALL the metadata associated to the same class in the related diagram is deleted. AND THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERT EITHER.
Help in understanding or preventing this situation is appreciated!!
Thank you.

Hello spamAccount34,

I regret that we are unable to reproduce the problem you have. In fact, what you have deleted is just and would not cause the model to be deleted, unless the view that you have deleted is the only view of that model, and you have chosen to delete the model as well.

Could you provide the detailed steps so that we can repeat this problem?

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In Visual Paradigm terms would you explain the difference between the model and view.
I’ll try to explain a little differently.
It seems that the same class in two different class diagrams are linked (which makes perfect sense) and the deletion of one also deletes the other. Well, not the whole component per se but just the operators/attributes and name.
I guess I just need to prevent the underlying model from being deleted.


Hi zRockHead,

Models are those you can see under the Model Tree. Each model is unique.

View can be seen as class shape that shows in a diagram. While the model is unique, it can have multiple view, i.e. appear in multiple diagrams.

The behavior that they are linked is normal. This is in fact a feature of us called “Model Sharing”, which ensure the same model is consistent within the whole development life cycle. Therefore, if you update a model say, by renaming, or adding/deleting attributes, you will see the changes are updated to other views as well. Take an example:

There are two diagrams A and B that shows the SAME class model. If you rename the class shape in Diagram A, the same happens in the class shape in Diagram B. If you add an attribute to the class shape in Diagram A, the class shape in Diagram B will show an attribute added.

BUT, if you delete the class shape in Diagram A, class shape in Diagram B wouldn’t be deleted. This is because you were deleting only the view, not the model. When you look into the model tree, you can still see the Class model.

Hope this helps.

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