Hi, this is my first post in this forum, please feel free to offend me for my horrible English.

This is why at the first try, the program hasn’t convinced me:

-isn’t there a way to not show the intrusive message box ““Object” has no referenced view. Delete “Object” from the repository?” each time I delete a diagram element?
I found that a way around is to delete the object using the pop-up menu in the “model tree view”, but this is really too slow compared to a simple key press over the selected element. A keyboard shortcut is needed, please!

-A lot of books in Object Oriented Design use the “stacking of objects” syntax when looping in the collaboration diagram. Why the program doesn’t support this symbol?

-Using the evaluation version is a crime? Better exporting a totally white diagram than an unreadable one due to the so-called “watermark”.

Hi elvez:
Thank you for using VP-UML.
In the first problem, we think it is not usual to delete object from repository. I will tell our development team that you feel the message box make you inconvenience.
I think collaboration diagram is not a suitable of showing looping. You can use activity diagram to show looping. You can also use activity diagram to represent the condition of the looping.
I am sorry for the disturbing from the watermark. The evaluation version is used to for use o evaluate our product and it is free. We cannot provide service without boundary. If you want to draw some basic UML diagram, I suggest you to buy a personal edition. It is just only $US 59. You can draw all kind of UML diagram without disturbing watemark.
I hope my reply can fulfill your needs.


Yes, It does. Thank you for your reply, Whitehole!

I really hope they’ll give me a chance to freely delete objects from the repository! :wink:

I’m sorry, but I’m pretty new to the UML world and I still don’t know what is the Activity Diagram, but I’ll investigate on how it works.

Actually, I’m going to try other free tools (why ArgoUML is still so incomplete? ), because at the moment I don’t have the production needs to justify any expense…

Thanks again, and rememberm, I’ll count on you for the delete problem!