Deployment Diagram with VM in AWS

Hi, just started using VP. How do you create a deployment diagram that shows a single VM deployed within AWS (e.g. EC2) once the AWS plugin installed? Any examples please?


Hi, I followed this long time ago.

Thanks I have installed the plugin. I just don’t know how a VM is represented in a EC2 instance/environment (new to AWS)

So looking for any example …


This is the closest example I can find from another site where I have an EC2 instance with a VM, and S3 for storage/backup.


EC2 is a vm running in your VPC.

One “trick” is to change the default shapes of UML deployment diagram nodes to be AWS icons. Just think of eveything as a node (you can set up node types of many sorts) This way you are modeling not just drawing (i.e you can analyis the diagrams to document dependencies). Bit more work up front but hey saves time later. And you can then relate the infrastructure view to applications models etc. If you just use the online diagrammers then yes its convenient but very limited