Developing Meta Models of use case diagrams


I am trying to develop a meta model of a use case diagram and I am really stuck. I am not sure where to begin? How do I identify the classes from the use case diagram that I am to use in the meta model?

Any help would be very much appricated

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Hi Andrew,

I think the best way to start of on this meta model is to see the usa case as any other system and write down a description about the use case diagram. From this written description of the use case diagram you can mark out all the nouns. The set of all the nouns is the set of all possible classes that you can get. From this list you can select the classes that you need to model in your meta model and those you don’t think are relevent to your meta model. Some of the noun will get modeled as attributes of classes which you have identified.

As an example consider the following statement explaining the use case diagrams:

The use case diagram is a diagram that helps a developer to identify use requirements. Each user requirement is modeled as a use case. Each use case has got a use case description which contains the use case id, normal flow of control etc. Each use case is initiated by an actor.

Some of the nouns that we can identify in this small para are as follows:

  1. Diagram
  2. Requirement
  3. Use Case
  4. Use Case Description
  5. Use Case Id
  6. Normal Flow of Control

Based on the above classes, I can model the meta model of use case as given in the attachment. After the first analysis, you will require to go deeper and deeper and find more detailed level information about each class and attribute.

Do let me know whether you found the information useful.


Use Case.jpg

Is the thing done ? Or topic still not completely understood Amrit Raj Misra wrote: