Diagram Hierarchy

I need to be able to see easily the hierarchy of process, sub-process and sub-sub-process diagrams in my model. What I’d like would be a collapsible/expandable tree with my main process diagrams at the top, then under each the sub-processes that it uses, then under each sub-process the sub-sub-processes that it uses etc. Without this it’s becoming very difficult and time consuming to keep track of what uses what, which diagrams I need to supply to allow one top level diagram to be fully understood, which processes will be affected if I change a low level sub-process etc.

It’s made more difficult because each call to a sub-process may have a different name, which may be different from the name of the sub-process itself. I’ve taken to naming calls to sub-processes - to make this easier. It is (in my view) important to be able to give calls to sub-processes unique names, because if I’ve got a sub-process called Create Quote, in the call I want to put what I’m creating the quote for, e.g. Create Quote - Installation or Create Quote - Refurbishment.

Things are about to get worse, because I’ve been asked to try to get every diagram onto one A3 sheet, since printing larger diagrams is proving too difficult for users. This will inevitably mean more sub-processes and deeper nesting.

Can BPVA provide this tree information? How? The Diagram Navigator might get some way towards this if you could hide everything except for sub-processes, and if each sub-process could be expanded to show the sub-sub-processes it calls.

Thanks - Rowan