Diagramming with Objects instead of Classes

I have read that VP does not support Object Diagrams, but that they will be added in future releases. For now I would like to use objects in communication/composite diagram, but I have a few issues.

  1. Objects seem to NOT be underlined like the UML standard specifies. Is there any way to change this?

  2. I cannot show attributes of an object in a diagram. I can click on initialize attribute link and set the attribute value for a object, but I cannot find a way to make it visible on the diagram. Is this possible?

(Also, is there a timeline for release of object diagrams?)


Dear Matt,

Thank you for your message. The current version didn’t support the underline and showing attributes in the objects.

Both of the above problems have been fixed in the new version. I can send you a copy of the early access version if you want to have a try. Please send me your user name and email address to rain@visual-paradigm.com so that I can generate an evaluation key for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Dear Rain,

I download the early access version, with Visual Paradigm v5.1. But I still can’t underline the object name in sequence diagram. Is it fixed in the current early access version?


Dear Simon,

Thank you for your message. To underline the object name in sequence diagram, please right click to the sequence diagram (empty space) and select Presentation Options > Underline All Lifelines. In the Presentation Options, there are several ways for underlining the lifelines. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Hum… :? And what about this feature in collaboration… er, I mean communication diagrams?

I thought Visual-Paradigm was UML compliant. :frowning: I mean, in any interaction diagram, be it collaboration or sequence, I’ve been shown many examples where you need to interact with both the class and the instances of that class.

I fail to see how a “Underline All Lifelines” option can be useful. How about the ability to specify that for each box individualy? A box can be either :ThisClass or MyInstanceOf:ThisClass, or even the anonymous form :ThisClass, but not all one form or all the other form.

So, I guess I can only suggest to move this inside the box (lifeline) properties. Have a name (of the instance) field and a type field. Have a instance check box. Enabling the instance checkbox grants access to the name field and will underline the name:type construct in the lifeline box. name can be left blank which will print :type. Disabling the instance checkbox disable access to the name field and will specificaly not print it in the lifeline box, yielding :type with no underline.

This is my suggestion.

Thank you.