Diagrams: EJB,Business Process,ORM,Entity Relationship

1, I want to have the clearly documentations,samples and demo about EJB and Business Process Diagram because guide books dun talk about them.
2,when I use Round trip Engeneering about ORM diagram,in option ORM to generate and reverse,there have Adapter field,it need javascript file to input,but I dun how to have this file.I want to have sample and demo how to round trip engeneering ORM and Entity Relationship Diagram.

I really nedd these things. Please relpy me as soon as you can.Thanks.

Hi Dieu,

  1. You can visit the site below to know more about EJB and Business Process Diagram:
    EJB: http://java.sun.com/products/ejb/
    BPMN: http://www.bpmn.org/

  2. You are not require to enter any javascript. I think it is a misunderstanding. Could you please capture a screenshot to show me where were you referring to?

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