Diagram's text/font differ between linux and windows

Hi people, i have a problem.

In my team theres is a lot of developer worknig on the sames projects diagrams, but they did it on differente operation system (Ubuntu and Windows XP/Seven).
On the object’s diagram we use the default font: Dialog, regular, size 11.

The issue here is that on windows the diagram show text without “problems” but in linux the size of the font looks like wider. So at the moment of printing and/or edit everybody has to rearrange the diagrams.

Of course, everybody use the same build of visual paradigm for uml (linux and windows version).

How you suggest to take around this issue?


I found something about the Dialog font http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/2d/text/fonts.html. It suggest me to try differents fonts until get the best fit, but maybe someone run across this issue.

Thanks in advance.