Difference between each product & version of SDE, DB-VA in VP Suite

I’m interested in buying VP Suite 2.2. I’ve couple of questions.

  1. I’m using Eclipse 3.1.2 on WinXP SP2 and plan to move to Linux if possible.
    Does your product suite work well on Eclipse + Linux compare to Windows side? or should I stick with Windows for stability?

  2. I’ve read about SDE. For me it’s look similar with VP-UML very much. Why people have to have both of them in the same suite?

  3. VP-UML, DB-VA have an IDE integration. Do I have to submit my prefer IDE along with my order? Then I’ll get : VP-UML, SDE-Eclipse, DB-VA Eclipse, BP-VA, DB-VA SQL, right?

    Your product suite is very attractive for me, really. I’m just blur with features list… so please enlighten me a bit. :oops:

Thank you very much

Dear Jedt,

Thank you for considering Visual Paradigm. Let me reply your questions one by one.

#1 Please do not worry, VP Suite works well in both Windows and Linux.

#2 Yes, they have the same set of features. The main difference is that, VP-UML integrate with IDEs in the way that the IDE and VP-UML are run in two seperate windows, while SDE-EC integrate with Eclipse in the way that the UML modeling environment is seamlessly embedded into Eclipse.

#3 If you are going to buy VP Suite, you do not have to submit your prefer IDE with your order. This is because you will get ALL of our products. But note that we do not bundle the IDEs.

Finally, I would like to remind you one point in case you missed. Each IDE can only have one Visual Paradigm product installed. For example, if you have installed SDE for Eclipse on the Eclipse that is under C:\Eclipse. You cannot install DBVA for Eclipse on that Eclipse. You can, however, install it on an Eclipse that is under another directory.

Please feel free to post here for any more questions.

Best Regards,