Display a class on more than 1 line

When I’m writing a name of a class that is quite long, I’d like to be able to display it on many lines instead of one very long line.
How can I do this with VP ?

Thanks for your answers

Hi Nicolas,

In the latest version, you can show class members in multiple lines. But class name is not supported. This is because in general the class name won’t be too long. Could you give me an example of your class name so that we can see if it is possible to support showing class name in multiple lines? Thank you.

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I’d like to have class names like:
Cracker using social engineering because of lack of awareness

(it’s for illustrative purpose for my class diagram)

Hi daoho,

I think it is not very common to use a sentence as class name. Also, your sentence is more like a description, rather than a name. As a suggestion, do you think it is better to keep the class name short, and mark the information “Cracker using…awareness” as Class’s documentation? Alternatively, you can present by using the Note object.

Hope this helps.

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