Do I included intermidiate events in an event table?

Suppose the use case “Buy Product” calls a “Payment Verification System” to “Validate Credit Card” then returns to the user a “Confirmation Code” and issues a “Reciept Printing Request” to “Print Reciept”. What are modeled into the event table?

I believe that “buy product” is your ultimate use case. Everything else can either be included use cases or simply part of your “buy product” use case. Therefore, your event table would mention “buy product” as the only relevant use case in this user-triggered event of buying a product.

Overlooked the title…

If your use case happens to trigger other events, I’d assume that they would be included in the events table.

In your example, perhaps if your printing system runs like a queue and your “buy product” use case ends with inserting a print job to your printing system (“receipt printing request”), your system’s print queue state is changed and can trigger an event to initiate the “print receipt” use case. You would then include that event in your event table.

As you can see, the two ways you can represent how this works affects how your system runs so choose the option that best represents what you want to present to your reader.