Do I need software maintenance?

Hi there,

I’m about to purchase a handfull of licenses for the professional edition of vp-uml. Is the software maintenance subscription necessary for major version upgrades only or is it needed for minor upgrades and bug patches as well?

Or to put it in another way. What do I need in order to upgrade as follows?

5.3 -> 5.4
5.3 -> 6.0
5.3.n -> 5.3.n+1 (patches and bug fixes)

Keep up the good work! Your tools just keep getting better.


Hi Drougge,

Thanks a lot for your interest in our products.

Let me clarify by describing a bit about software maintenance. The maintenance is not buy for one upgrade only. In fact, once you have bought the maintenance, say for 1 year, you will receive ALL version upgrades (service packs, minor or major) within the maintenance period for free.

Hope the information has helped. Once again, thanks for the continuous support in Visual Paradigm.]

Have a nice Friday and weekend!