Doc composer change style of template

For an entity relationship diagram, I created some documents using a copy of the ‘Data Dictionary 2’ template. This looks nice so far, but I seem not to be able to change font family and font size for some cells of this template. Especially for entity description and column description, which are exported with a different (bigger) font size than the rest of the columns. Those cells have an attribute ‘style=“description”’ in the xml template.
However, neither removing this attribute nor changing the style for ‘Description’ in [DocumentStyles] seems to make any difference.
How can I change this?

Update: I tried a few things and came up with this: I changed the document styles for ‘Normal’ and ‘Description’ to ‘DejaVu Sans Light 10pt’, than applied the ‘Data Dictionary 2’ template and exported to word. Every column has the configured font as expected but neither ‘Entity description’ nor ‘Column description’. Those fields are displayed with ‘Dialog 12pt’, a font that does not exist on my system (Ubuntu 21.04).
Looks like a bug to me.

Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your post. Could you post your template code for us to repeat the problem? You can post here, or if you want, you can upload it as a file to our file repository:
Password: kjifdb9kekji3hj

Note: Only the Visual Paradigm team can see and access the file(s) uploaded.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Sure. Posting here is not allowed to me (As I seem to be a new user) so I uploaded to the owncloud path above.
Accidently I uploaded the same file twice, sorry for that.
Do you see the files? Your page still says ‘Uploading…’ after a couple of minutes.

Update: After reloading the upload page I don’t see any files listed, so I wonder if you got them? The file I uploaded is named data_dictionary_2.xml.

Regards Oliver