Documentation for "Data Table" diagram

Hello together,

I’m playing around with the “Data Table” diagram. The basics are clear, but with things like “Use Multiple Header Rows”, Calculations in rows or “Element(s) as Column(s)” I have no idea what I have to do there.

Is there any documentation for this diagram type?


Data Table is designed for inputing data in tabular form.

For example, based on a Org. Chart of the government of Hong Kong, we use Data Table to input some extra information.

Basic concept

We can define a table to input their grade and salary

We can decide

  • what kind of elements will be shown in this table.
  • they are collected from which scope (e.g. from whole project? from a specified diagram? etc…)
  • what properties (or tagged values) will be editable via this table.
  • define the ‘data type’ of the tagged value. (e.g. Number Date, Enum etc…)


We can add some Calculation Column / Row, to calculate the inputted number values by out expression

  • on Calculation Column,
    using sum(…), max(…), min(…), avg(…) to calculate the value(s) in this row.
  • on Calculation Row,
    using sumrows(…), maxrows(…), minrows(…), avgrow(…) to calculate the value in whole table.
  • + - * / are also supported.

2 Header Rows



Element(s) as Column(s)

Sorry, it is only working for Generic Model.
* Generic Model is a model type that defined by you (not belongs to any standards, e.g. UML, BPMN, ArchiMate etc…)