Documentation or XSL-Schema for ReportWriter


is there any detail documentation on how to customize the reportwriter templates. For example: a description of the xml-tags available.

A XSL-Schema could help a lot for XML-Editors to have IntelliSense for the reportwriter XML.


Hi Zaphod,

Thanks for your post. We are sorry that there is no documentation of XML tags for customization of Report Writer templates, but our engineers developed a plugin for getting the model statement which shows you the modelType, property, etc for template customization.

Also, you can refer to the existing templates for how to define your own template.

You can follow the steps below to get the model statements:

  1. download the plugin package attached below
  2. create a folder “plugins” in the VP Suite installation directory
  3. unzip the plugin package and place inside the “plugins” folder
    make sure that the the structure like “VP Suite/plugins/com.vp.plugin.sample.modelstatement/src…”
  4. restart the VP application
  5. when you want to get the model statement from model, right-click on the model and select Model Statement in the popup menu, then you will see a popup dialog showing the statements of that model.
    If you want to know the statement of all models on the diagram, you need to right-click on the diagram and select Model Statement (within diagram) in the popup menu.

Attached is an image of model statement of class model with attribute and operation. Hope the plugin will help you on the customization.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any inquiry on customizing the templates.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong


Very thanks for this plugin. This is wonderful.

Is it possible to use this plugin with Version 7 of VP UML?

Hi Zaphod,

Thanks for replying. Yes, the plugin works for VP-UML 7.0. You can deploy the plugin to VP-UML 7.0 with the steps I listed in the previous post.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong