Does sequence diagram reverse engineering from Java source code work with packages and directories hierarchies?

I am trying to use Visual Paradigm (without success) to reverse engineer call sequence from Java source code and I am stuck in the “operations aren’t listed” phase.

Tried this

The code base I work with has many nested packages and obviously sources in hierarchical directories under maven convention source tree (in [project]/src/java/main/com/domain/foo/bar/features…).

Is the comment "and there is another problem every class has to be directly below src folder " from one of the comments in the KB thread still applicable ?


The folder structure must match the package structure.
package org.test;
public class Main {

You must select project/src folder in this case. i.e. the same as IDE’s source folder.
In your case, you should select [project]/src/java/main. And you can select multiple source folders.

Thank you. That worked perfectly.
The trick was to start at the top and then browse through the tree to select an action from the package I was interested in. My mistake earlier was to use one of the subpackages folders at the first step (as I was interested only in one particular action and not the full tree). I like this software and support.