Drawing DFD-diagrams with interlayer consistency checks

I would like to have a tool capable of drawing layered DFD-diagrams with consistency checks between the layers. … However I am not so sure that Visual Paradigm supports that … hopefully I am wrong.

So what I would like is:

  • starting with a context diagram (DFD0)
  • adding deeper layers (DFD1 - n) by clicking on a proves one level higher
  • and that the program is showing and checking if the input and output flows of level “n” and “n-1” are matching
  • so suppose on level0 there is an order
  • and on level1 a delivery address is needed, than the order should contain an delivery address other wise there is an error / inconsistency
  • of course a report containing all data flows etc should be available

As indicated I am looking for a tool which is able to do this, and I was using one very long ago (Teamwork), but I can not find one. I downloaded the Visual Paradigm test version, hoping that paradigm has this functionality, but that is not my actual feeling :thinking:

Hopefully I am wrong. If so could any one explain how to do this or perhaps send a link to a side where this is explained?
If not is there an other free or not to expensive tool which could do that?

Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry that currently our DFD do not have the validation functionality you looking for. But when decompose a process to lower level we do have option for user to visualize the related external entities and data stories into lower level DFD. This helps to remind user when he working on the lower level DFD he will need to take care the connection with the related external entities and data stories. Hope this can help. If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.