Drawings print sideways

When I create a Business Process Diagram with pools and lanes running from left to right, and then print it, it seems to print with the top of the diagram on the left hand side. This perhaps doesn’t matter if you are printing to a piece of paper, but if I’m printing to a PDF file, it means that when users open the document it’s not the right way round for reading. The only way I’ve found of correcting this so far is to open the PDF file in Adobe Illustrator and to rotate everything on the diagram by 270 degrees. Surely there must be a better way? How do I get the diagram to print the right way up straight out of BPVA?

Thanks - Rowan

Hello Rowan,

Thank you for your message and I’m sorry that I don’t quite understand the problem. Actually the diagram is always printing in vertical way, do you mean you need to rotate the diagram for binding purpose? Can you send me some sample to show me about your problem?

Best regards,

Here is an example of my problem. Here’s a diagram shown on BPVA’s screen:

It’s the right way up, as you can see.

Here’s what it looks like in BPVA’s Print Preview screen:

Still the right way up…

After printing it to PDF, here’s what it looks like in Adobe Reader:

It’s turned round through 90 degrees, so everyone who I send this diagram to will either have to print it out and turn it round so they can read it, or find the Rotate View command, which they may not be aware of. All of them will think I’m an idiot for sending them a diagram they can’t easily read. Why has BPVA printed the diagram a different way round to what it showed in Print Preview?

Here is BPVA’s Page Setup box:

It says Landscape, but it’s printing on Portrait. Why?

Here is the printer properties box:

This too says Landscape, so it doesn’t seem to be the printer driver’s fault.

I hope this makes the problem clear. It’s not really a binding problem.

Many thanks - Rowan