DS connector (AD) for Team Server. Installation


Two questions:

  1. We are testing Team Server for VP. We want to connect it to the AD for user authentication. In the documentation it says that the connector has to be in the same server as the AD. But during the installation it seems it can be done from another server (not the Team Server and not the AD sever). Is it true ?

  2. In the case of the Linux connector DS_Coonector_16_3_xxx_Linux64.tar.gz, there is an installator called DSConnectorUI, can we make a command line configuration ? Or is it only through graphical interface ?

Hello again Toto1,

I have forwarded your question to our engineering team and will let you know when there is an answer. Wish you a happy weekend!

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Answers to the two questions:

  1. There is no need to install in the same server, but DS connector needs to be able to access VP Server and Active Directory.

  2. Unfortunately, the command line is not supported. You can try to configure in another machine with GUI, and copy the data folder to the server.

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Jick Yeung