Duplication in Explorer of CMMN model elements

I am creating a CMMN model. Each time I create a Case File Model, it appears twice in the Model Explorer tree. Once just as a ‘Case Plan Model’ sub-tree and then again as a ‘Case’. The sub-elements are thus shown twice. If I try to delete one of these trees, the other tree also is deleted.

I have attached an image that shows the inconsistency with two trees duplicated, expanded. This is a very simple example with only three elements!

How can I clean this up so there is a single representation?


According to CMMN spec, each PlanItem need to have one PlanItemDefinition.
Green one is PlanItem, Orange one is PlanItemDefinition.

By default we will synchronize PlanItem with PlanItemDefinition.
However, you can turn off if you want.

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In the diagram, the PlanItem has two green entries, and the PlanItemDefinition has two orange entries. Also the CasePlanItem has two green entries (I did not set up a Definition for this).



Hi Alan,

We confirmed that the problem is repeatable. It looks like when a CMMN diagram is sub-diagram of a Package, after a Case is created in the diagram, the Case Plan Model will become child of the Package. This does not happen when replace Package with a Model, so it is likely a bug. We will check what caused this issue and we will get back to you once this issue has been fixed.

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