Easy way of making methods abstract?

Dear Martin,

In the next release, users will be able to configure non-UML properties (code properties) such as abstract, final to classes/operations/attributes through the popup menu. Your suggestion to configure those properties through text is a good idea, we will consider adding this functionality. Thanks.



Hi there,

Is there an easy way of marking a method in a class as abstract?

For a given class, one can just right click an select abstract, but one has to enter the “Open specification” and fool around to do the same with a method…

I can imagine a pure textual way of doing it when entering/editing the method - namely by using surrounding /'s (slashes) (usely used to indicate italic text). Similarly, one can imagine the same way of indicating that a method should be static - namely by encapsulating it with _'s (underscores).

Martin Egholm