Eclipse 3.1

Hello there,

Does VP_Suite_Windows_1_1_20050222 Community edition run with Eclipse 3.1 jdk1.5? When will EJB3 be supported?

If yes how do I install it. During installation I get:

Invalid Eclipse/IBM Webshere Studio home directory.

Where and how do I set the ECLIPSE_HOME directory?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Bernhard,

Which product are you using? The VP-Suite has 3 different products. However, I assume you are testing the SDE.

Firstly, yes the SDE does run with Eclipse 3.1… It should work with jdk1.5 however, will not generate jdk1.5 code (the newer stuff).

To install it, you need to have eclipse installed first. I assume the eclipse has been installed into c:\eclipse. The Suite will ask you for the Eclipse/IBM Websphere Studio home directory in which you should enter: c:\eclipse.

That should be all that is required.


Thanks for the reply. When will the jdk1.5 be supported. What is your roadmap?

Further, am I corrected in the observation that the community edition of SDE only let us draw diagrams but does not actually generate the code?

If yes, then isn’t that a bit useless as it does not exactly show if the product will work in production?

Regards Bernhard

I am using SDE 3.0 for Eclipse on Eclipse 3.1GA

When will VP SDE for Eclipse support JDK 1.5? (Month/Year please)

Thanks…by the way it is a terriffic product! :slight_smile:

Dear John,

I’ve just discuss with our engineers and they said code engineering on JDK 1.5 will be supported within 3 to 4 months. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Great! Is there a list we can sign up to get a beta of it?

Thank :lol:

Dear John,

We will have the Early Access release version soon. I’ll notify you once the feature is ready for the Early Access release. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Best regards,