Eclipse 3.2 & SDE EE-EC 4.0 (evaluate version) permanently crashes on exit

Hi all,

i got a strange problem. I can work without problems with your SDE but every time i want to close eclipse it crashes. I’ve attached my actual eclipse configuration, my eclipse.ini, the vp.log and the jvm error log.

I’m currently evaluating uml-tools for my company, so actually for this tool it’s not really possible to do this and my eval-period counts down…

Thank in advance,

Hello JensGuenther,

Thank you for your post, but I am unable to see any attachment from you. Would you mind attaching them again? Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

actually murphy’s law got me in reverse mode… Everything works fine and i’m not able to repoduce the above mentioned error.

So thanks for your replay,