Eclipse and visual pardigm

Y have create a very simple projet with one class with one member function.
Y integrate eclipse ide. Tools/ide integration…
When y click rigtht on root project he don’t propose eclipse. (generation).
I y try : tool/ide integration, he says eclipse already.
What can y do ?

In linux What is command to start visual paradigme ?
Y use launcher/runvpuuml.

Hi meirhaeghe,

For IDE Integration, you need to start Eclipse first, and the launch VP-UML from Eclipse. You should find the corresponding menu item from the popup menu of an Eclipse node.

To start VP-UML from Linux, please run launcher/run_vpuml inside the VP Suite install folder.

Best Regards,

Sorry y don’t understand:
Y start eclipse, choose a projet test for example.
Launch vp-uml from eclipse (whith run external tools)
vp-uml appear …
And nothing new.
Y try vpm-uml integration guide.pdf for eclipse and nothing works.
In eclipse right clic on projet he do not propose vpm-uml…
Do you have a tutorial for this ?
Best regards