Eclipse integration questions


I’m using the statndard editon in eclipse. I have a few questions:

  1. How do you delete a diagram once you’ve created it?

  2. Is there any way to export to CVS? As it is, all diagrams are in binary fomat in the VPUML directory and cannot be committed easily to CVS.

I like the tool, but I just wish it was a little more integrated…



Indeed, after all, isnt part of the purpose of modelling to make information avilable to a team? to share

Can we easily version per diagram? no, per project? no, using inbuilt eclipse cvs? no. Oh, it seems ‘integrated’ means several things.

The UI is great and the features are praiseworthy but WHY WHY WHY is the data not able to be stored in eclipse project trees so we can SHARE and VERSION it ! And on the topic, wouldnt it be nice for the configuration NOT be in binary so that the DELTAs to each version can be stored, not just blobs?!

Ill wait for 4.0 (eclipse integration++) Viso to the rescue (sigh).