Eclipse Integration - update to code greyed out


I have integrated Visual Paradigm 17.1 into eclipse 2023-12.
I can model everything in Eclipse but I can’t generate code from the model, ‘update to code’ to code is greyed out. When pressing the blue update button in Diagram Navigator I get the following error: 'Cannot update to code. Code synchronization supports Java Project only.

I am 100% sure I am using a Java project.

How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Thank you for your inquiry and would you please send me a screenshot of VP’s About dialog in your Eclipse for checking? Look forward to hearing from you.


I can’t find the about dialog in my eclipse, the pic attached shows the about dialog in the stand alone application. I have an academic license

Thanks for your screenshot. Would you please go to Help > About Visual Paradigm in your Eclipse and send me a screenshot to have a look?

Hi, I have the same problems. Same version of both softwres.

Hey Hello David,
Please check that you have a valid Java project selected in Eclipse and double check the project setting to confirm its compatibility with code synchronization.