Eclipse - seeing class files in a J2EE project

I am using the community edition in Eclipse. I have a J2EE project, where the Java source is in the JavaSource folder. When creating a sequence diagram, I am unable to see my class files when the “Select class” method is invoked. I can see them in a regular Java project where the class files are under the main project folder. How can I see the classes in a J2EE project?

Also, I am unable to select an existing class from within a Class diagram. How can I do this?


Hi Don,

The “Select class” method only enables you to select class model from within SDE for Eclipse, but not from the source code. Therefire, the first thing you could do is to use an edition which supports round-trip engineering such as Professional and Enterprise Edition, and then update UML model from your code (UML class models will be created by doing this), invoke the “Select class” method to choose a class as the classifier of a life line.

Best Regards,