Elevator problem - need input


I’m completely new to UML design and I am trying to model an elevator problem using use case diagrams. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I would like your opinions if I’m on the right track.



Use Case Diagram.jpg

I know the correct solution but i have prblem in drawing and attaching.


Include denotes that the use case must be included so what you say here is that the elevator cannot leave untill the doors are open. :slight_smile: That sound not right.

Think about the definition of the Passenger if I am a passenger I would not have to enter the lift anymore as I am already in the lift.

You jump a few steps or make to many assumptions. Eg when I press the button I never have the lift straight away.

Things like press button etc is more activity diagram level as it denotes ONE step in this diagram.

Thing more like…“request lift” (noun and verbs). etc.

I can come up with an answer and model, but it is more fun for you to sort it out.