Enlarging diagrams


first: thanks for this great tool!

I dislike VPUMLs behaviour of automatically shrinking a diagram to the smallest possible size (i.e. with respect to its content).

Instead, I’d like to be able to “create some free space” to position objects. Is there a better, i.e. canonical, way of doing this than just to create dummy objects and place them at the bottom right corner?

thanks & regards,
Michael Mirold

Hi mmirold,

I don`t know is this is a solution, but you can get more space in diagram by clicking(and holding) the left mouse button and moving to the bottom right corner, so the space will be increased and after releasing the button, you will still be able to scroll the space. Maybe this is better than creating dummy elements. (You can also move the cursor to the right or bottom, to increase diagram space in one of the directions)
One thing about this solution, is that after you close VP and open again, or create new/delete old/select single element, the space will autofit, but I think that there is no problem to repeat the action above.
Hope this help.

Hello mmirold and JSejans,

Thank you for your post. Currently the diagram will auto fit to the smallest possible size. We planned to allow user to set the ‘canvas’ size in future. But this take some time.

Some of our users overcome this behavior by a trick - They create an empty text box that looks transparent, and move that outwards to expand the diagram size. I hope this helps you.

Best regards,