Entering data into class diagrams

It would be really nice if you could add multiple attributes or operations by typing them onto the diagram. maybe ctrl-enter to go to the next one.

currently the easiest way is from the specification dialog, but even there you have to click on “add” each time.

also I find it odd that the context menu for the class has “add->attribute” at the top, and the context menu for class members has “new attribute” at the bottom. its not consistent.


sorry, I meant to put this in the gui forum

Dear ianxm,

Thank you for your message. Actually we support edition the attributes/operations inside the diagram directly. When focusing on a class, you can press Alt-Shift-A to insert an attribute and Alt-Shift-O to insert an operation. If you are already focusing an attribute or operation, you can simply press Insert button to create another. When editing the attribute/operation, you can enter it follows the UML notations.

For the content menu issue, because the add attribute/operation is the most common action for the class so we put it to the top. And it’s less likely to create another class member when you focus to one of them. So we put it to the bottom. I’ve also forwarded your suggestion to our engineers to follow-up. Thank you very much for your suggestion. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,