Entering data into class diagrams

It would be really nice if you could add multiple attributes or operations by typing them onto the diagram. maybe ctrl-enter to go to the next one.

currently the easiest way is from the specification dialog, but even there you have to click on “add” each time.

also I find it odd that the context menu for the class has “add->attribute” at the top, and the context menu for class members has “new attribute” at the bottom. its not consistent.


dear ian

try to use the following shortcouts:

ALT+SHIFT+A inserts a new attribute
ALT+SHif+O inserts a new operation

if an attribute or an operation is highlighted you could type the INS key to insert a new attribut/operation (depends on the type you highlighted)

i’m using sde vs version 3.0 perhaps if you use vp-uml 5.0 i could be CTRL instead f the ALT key

hope i could help


thanks, that was very helpful. I right-click much less often now. thanks.