Entire days work just crashed and disappeared

I am new to visual paradigm.

Visual Paradigm crashed after running smoothly since i started to use it a few weeks ago. Never had the need to push save. Now all the stuff i made for work today is gone.


Running MacOS.
Got a new keyboard, plugged it in and changed the keyboard layout.
As soon as i switched to the other layout in the macOS Input Source dropdown, visual paradigm crashed.

Hi Iser,

Sorry about the problem. I think there should be some backup files created in background. Please look into your workspace folder where your .vpp project file is stored in. See if you can find any file named like my_project.vpp.bak_000f. Those are the backup files. Please shutdown Visual Paradigm. Then, rename the existing .vpp file to something else. After that, remove the .bak_000f part of the latest backup file, and try to open it in Visual Paradigm. Hopefully, your work can then be restored.

About the problem, could you check the bin folder under the Visual Paradigm installation directory, see if there are any .log files. If yes, could you zip and upload the file here? Meanwhile, we will study your case in detail and conduct some testing based around your report. Again, sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Nope. All gone. The last time it seems to have created a “backup” was when i exported and probably saved the project one and a half days ago.

Where can i enable auto saving?

Also new users can not upload files.

Hi Iser,

Sorry for overlooking your reply. Could you look into the folder %{workspace}.vpprefdata as well? The backup files could be kept there. Currently, we only support manual saving. The creation of backup file is automatically done in background though.

You can upload files to the following directory. Only Visual Paradigm staff can access the uploaded content.
Password: nidfv9054nk3kras

Best regards,
Jick Yeung