Entire Day's Work Vanished w/o a Trace

Has the Bermuda Triangle cropped up again in software form? After carefully saving a data diagram in VP SDE EE yesterday evening, I returned to work only to discover that my project had reverted to its state prior to yesterday. Files that I had deleted have reappeared, and the new diagram I had labored over all day yesterday is just GONE. It is as if yesterday had been simply deleted from the history of the universe by some Evil Genius who only deletes days on which I am productive.

Seriously, I’ve never had anything like this happen before - not even in the 80’s, not ever.

Any ideas?

See “Cannot save SDE diagrams.” (Hein, 02/22/05)

The problem has NOT been fixed on Linux RHAS 3.0.

Dear Ben,

We are very sorry for any inconveniences this problem caused you. Our developer is investigating on your problem. If possible, can you send me the vp.log file under the %IntelliJ installation dir%/bin directory. Also can you give me more details about your platform, installation location also the project path? This information is very important for us to investigate on your problem. You can send it to me at rain@visual-paradigm.com. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,