Entity Relationship Diagram Issues


We have purchased Visual paradigm modeler, standart and team server for a team with 30 professionals. But we have some problems while drawing ERD with Visual Paradigm .

  1. Are there any copy-paste options from another document (like excel, word, notes etc.) while creating a new column?

For example; I want to create users table with user_name, user_lastname, id columns. I can write column name and “:” and data type after that press enter to create other columns. But we want to copy paste instead of writing. (maybe from a table we create in excel)

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 11.43.02

  1. While creating a new entity, we select a schema but we have over 250 schemas. Could you please add a search button for schemas on top of the lookup window?

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 14.35.48

  1. Like the question above, we have over 200 ERD. When we want to export to excel or sth. we couldn’t find the diagram that we are looking for. Could you please add a search button for the diagram’s name ?

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 14.35.53

  1. When I create an entity in some model, I want to use this entity’s auxiliary table under another model. But Visual Paradigm creates a new entity with the same name + same schema for another model.

For example: I create users entity under the stm model folder with stage schema. (erd names equals the schema names for us also we use schema lookup for entity.)

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 14.35.57

After I want to use stage.users (stage: schema, users: entity name) entity’s auxiliary in _deneme Entity Relationship Diagram under _deneme model under edw model. But Visual Paradigm creates new entity with same name and same schema.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 14.36.02

  1. When I want to create an entity under the same model with the same name but a different schema, Vp don’t allow me to do so. I want to create a different entity with the same name but different schema.

  2. Last question is when we make changes at tagged values, we want to highlight our changes. The highlight option is available in comments. Can we bring this feature to tagged values also?

For example;
I can highlight some words when I use comments.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 14.36.07

But I couldn’t highlight in Multi-line text tag.

If we can’t add the highlight feature, is it possible to see the changes of words etc. in tagged values? We need this feature to observe the changes that are made in the code blocks, and track which lines are changed when comparing the branches with the trunk.


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Hi Gizem_Deniz_Ominc,

Thank you for choosing Visual Paradigm. Regarding to your questions:

  1. We support exporting and importing ERD through Excel but that is a project-based feature. Regretfully, your request is not currently supported. However, you can write a plug-in to support your need. I can imagine the plug-in will work in this way:
    a. The user select an entity
    b. Right click on the entity and select a menu to pop out a simple dialog box
    c. Paste your content there
    d. Click “OK” to confirm. The content is parsed. Add columns based on the parsed content.

2, 3. I have asked our team to perform a feasibility study.

  1. You can re-use a model element by dragging it out from the Model Explorer and dropping onto an ERD. Could you give it a try?

  2. We will support creating entity in same name if they are in different schemas. When it’s supported, I will post here.

  3. The highlight feature is actually the text background supported by the rich text editor. You can define tags in HTML type to use the rich text feature. Here are the steps:

i. Select Window > Project Options from the main menu.
ii. In the Project Options window, select Diagramming on the left
iii. Select “Environment” on the right
iv. Check “Support HTML tagged value”

v. Click OK

From now on, you can create HTML tag.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

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Hi Gizem_Deniz_Ominc,

I am glad to inform you that your suggestion made under point 2 has been supported. You and your teammates can now update to the latest patch build to obtain the enhancement. You can read the article below for the steps of updating:

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

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Hi Jick,

Thanks for your reply and support. We updated to the latest patch. It was useful for us.
I tried your suggestions for the 4th and 6th questions. Thanks for your suggestions, it worked.
But for 4th suggestion we have over than 15000 entity and it will be difficult to searching for dragging. If there is an option to write for auxiliary under another model with same schema and name, it will be great for us.

Actually, i mention to you above we have over than 15K entity and 200 erd. What is the best practice for this size of project.