Entity Relationship diagram - show foreign key column

I read the second User’s Guide book and I have one question. On picture “Figure 15.18 - Mapping between Data Model and DDL”, we can see column “#DepartmentID : int” that present relationship between two diagrams. How can I create this kind of column? A create simple diagram with FK relationship, but their is no additional column.
I also edit properties for detail entity. Entity Specification -> Relations -> Open specification (for selected relation). Probably I should do something via “Foreign key Column Mapping” tab? But their is no action available.
Please help. Thank you.

My environment : Win XP, VP 6.0


Hi Matic,

The column #DepartmentID is generated from the PK column of the entity Department. Please try this:

  1. Create the Department entity
  2. Add an ID PK column
  3. Create the Staff entity
  4. Link up Department and Staff entity with a 1:M relationship.

Best regards,

It is working. Thank you.