Enumeration types

I am a new user of VP-UML 10.0. I’m struggling to define an enumeration type to use within a class. This particular enumeration is a device driver status, but we will have quite a few similar ones. How do I specify the enumeration values in the <> object in the diagram? I’m sure it’s straightforward, but it’s eluding me. The current documentation (PDF) doesn’t seem to apply all that well to the 10.0 software version.

For anyone who finds this in a search, it turned out to be quite easy. In your class object, apply the <> stereotype. Now when you right-click in the class, the first item under the Add> menu is “Enumeration literal.” This will prompt you for a name and then add a <> -Name attribute with your name.

I figured this out by writing a C++ class with an encapsulated enumeration and importing it, just to see what the relationships looked like. One of the reasons we chose VP-UML is because if it’s ability to handle partly-specified models, great for capturing an evolving design.