[ER Diagram] Need to import entities from excel into my ER diagram


I am have my tables, columns and column properties (Key, datatypes, size) available in an excel sheet and need to import these tables(entities) into my logical/physical data model so that I can build relationships between them. How can I do so ?

Essentially, how can I import my data dictionary into visual-paradigm ER model?

You may try it to copy & paste your entity & columns into the following dummy excel (which is exported from VP with a dummy ERD + 1 dummy Entity + Column)
dummy.xlsx (5.0 KB)

for example:
sample.xlsx (11.3 KB)

PS: If you have your DDL file, I suggest you reverse from your DDL

Thank you. I tried that method. But 1 problem still remains: How do I prepare the data in “System Data” tab ?

For the file you share, it looks like attached:

Please ignore the “System Data” tab.
It won’t affect your importing to create your entities into VP’s project.

“System Data” is used to store the internal ID of the model elements.
And it is not expected to be modified in the excel file.