ER-Modelling - Non-mandatory foreign keys?

Hi everybody,

I’m using VP ao for database modeling and found one big issue: I want to establish a 0…1 - 0…* relationship via a foreign key relationship, but all I get (after generating SQL) is 1 - 0…*. The exported SQL looks like this:
"ALTER TABLE customer ADD INDEX FKcustomer966885 (reseller_id), ADD CONSTRAINT FKcustomer966885 FOREIGN KEY (reseller_id) REFERENCES customer (organization_id) ON UPDATE Cascade ON DELETE Cascade;"
Why doesn’t it just add the foreign key? Did anybody solve this issue before?
Thank you in advance,


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your post. If you do not specify name of relationship, we will automatically generate FK constraint (e.g. FKcustomer966885) for you.

And could you please explain why you think we always generate 1 - 0…* relationship in the SQL script?

Best regards,
Lilian Wong