ER update problems


renaming a primary key should update the foreign key mappings, as visual paradigm choosed the naming shema #tableprimarykey it would be nice to have the foreign key automatically updated if the primary key is renamed.
Please corrent me if im missing an option?

Updating a column data type isn’t updated afer using the update button? Again, am i missing something?


Hi again Julius,

  1. I agree with you. In particular, I think we should update the foreign key name if the primary key is renamed and if the foreign key has never been modified by user, which means that the user agree to apply the primary key name to the foreign key.

I will forward your opinion to our engineers for further studies.

  1. Sorry, but I do not understand this point. What is the “Update” button that you were referring to? Do you mean the Synchronization function in between class diagram and ERD? Could you please post some screenshots to show the problem? Thank you very much.

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Hi Julius,

VP Suite 2.3 is released. Point 1 of yours is addressed in the new release - We now allow customizing FK name. To try, please run DB-VA 3.2, then select Tools | Options from the main menu. From the Options dialog box, select Diagramming | ERD & ORM. You can edit the way FK name being created by editing the Foreign Key pattern.

For point 2, could you provide me with more information?

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