ERD Sub-Diagrams after a fashion

I can sort of get this to work but it still seems like magic so I don’t think I’m doing this the right way and the questions I ask the world thus far don’t seem to get me quite where I want. Using other diagram tools for ERD, I am able to create a new ERD by copying entities from one diagram to another, which in turn copies the relationship where I choose so that I can generate a picture for my documentation of the model segments that represent different functional areas of the whole system. In some cases I have stumbled upon a question when editing the “sub-diagram” (don’t think thats what this this actually is but for lack of a better term) that suggests I might want to bubble up my changes to the original…and I do…but I cannot really seems to find a way to efficiently synchronize the “master” with this child diagram. Is this possible and if I’m not explaining it well, can someone tell me at least how to better describe what I’m trying to explain so I can continue searching ?

Thanks for any guidance.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your post. To provide you with a better solution, may I know you for some screenshots that illustrate your steps and problem? Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung