Erikson Penker Business Extension

Where can I find EPBE for VP_UML?

I have just started using this software and I’m completly fresh.

Thanks for replies

Hi palash,

Currently we support two types of diagram for business process modeling. They are Business Process Diagram (BPD) and Data Flow Diagram (DFD). The diagram you mentioned is not supported. Could you provide us with more information about that? Thank you in advance!

Besides BPD and DFD, you also can find other features to help you in business process modeling and requirement management. E.g. Requirement Diagram, Use Case Modeling, Textual Analysis and more. If you can tell me more about your requirement, we can provide you with more specify information.

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You can try this document

You can find there an example how EPBE is used to make a business process model using UML.

Basically I have found info abut those extensions in most of the books which I have seen in last week. I’m surprised that VP-UML doesn’t support that.

I foud that even StarUml which is an open source app has support for that.

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