ERM Diagram: Free placement of relation-endings?

I am currently working on an ER-Model. The only thing which I can not discover is how to place the Endings of a relation free hand. At the moment the endings of the relations are always placed left or right besides the row with the key which is foreign key to the opposite table. With a bunch of tables and more than two references to the same key the whole diagram is getting messy. I want to be able to place the relation’s ending wherever I want to keep the diagram structured (I think it is not necessary to have the ending directly besides the row …)

Dear Serethos,

Thank you for your post. Please right-click on the diagram and deselect Presentation Options > Point Foreign Key End to Associated Column from the popup menu.

Best regards,

Thx a bunch for your reply. I searched in the context menu of a table, of the diagram in the diagram-tree, in the global settings and the help … but I did not try to scan the context menu of the diagram workspace … =)

You are welcome. Please feel free to post again if there are any questions.