Error: Cannot connect to database

I’m using DB VA 2.0 and attempting to connect to MS SQL Server 2000.

In the database configuration dialog box,
Driver file: I leave it blank.
Driver: MS SQL Server (DataDirect SequelLink Driver)
Connection URL: jdbc:sequelink://;DatabaseName=testdb
User: sa
Password: testpw

When I click Test Connection, I get the following error:
Connection Exception - Cannot connect to database.
java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver

I have verified that the IP, port number, and password are correct by logging into this database using Microsoft’s Query Analyzer.

I have tried using other drivers, but I always get the same error message.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thank you for you message. For using the DataDirect SequelLink Driver, please try the following steps for the configuration

  1. Download the DataDirect driver from DataDirect website
  2. Follow the steps to install the driver
  3. In the database configuration dialog:
        i) Select MS SQL Server (DataDirect SequeLink Driver) in the Driver field
        ii) For the Driver file field; select the base.jar, util.jar and the sqlserver.jar from the lib directory of the DataDirect driver installation location
        iii) Click the down arrow button next to the Driver field
        iv) In the Driver class, enter com.ddtek.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver
        v) In the [b]Connection URL[b], enter jdbc:datadirect:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=testdb (according to your settings in the previous message)
        vi) Enter your own user name and password.

After that you should be able to connect to the SQL Server. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,