Error during installation


When i try to install the program i get this message at the end of preparing the installation…

An error occured:
Error log C:\MYDOCU…

any ideas to why this is and how i can fix it??



Hi dave,

Could you please send me the error log? You can reach me at:

As a workaround, you can try with the No-Install version instead. You can download the No-Install version from the download page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Dave,

I received your log. Thanks for your E-mail. I just talked to our engineers, and they are interested to know about the following:

  1. Which installer (VPSuite/BPMN) were you running?

  2. Is the installation directory a clean directory? If the directory already have a previous version of VP Suite installed, what product(s) was installed before?

  3. What product(s) (VP-UML, SDE, DBVA, BPVA) have you selected to install?

I hope you could answer my questions above, which are very important for us to locate the cause of problem. Thank you in advance.

Finally, have you tried the No-Install version and is that helpful?

Best Regards,

i have the same probleme!
and about your question!!

  1. the installer is VPsuite 5.0
  2. the installation directory is a clean one
  3. it tried to install VP-UML

Hi user,

I am not sure if it is a typo for VPsuite 5.0… The latest version of VP Suite is 3.0. If you are not installing with VP Suite 3.0, could you download it and install again? You can download at:

If you are already using it, could you send me the log file? Thank you.

Best regards,