Error relacionamento

Foi criado uma entidade a partir de 2 outras tabelas e uma tabela teve o seu nome alterado e o visual paradigm não alterou o nome no relacionamento e quando gera o script sql dá erro.

por favor verificar.

An entity was created from 2 other tables and a table had its name changed and the visual paradigm did not change the name in the relationship and when generating the sql script it gives an error.

please verify.

hi Emannuell,

Thank you for your post. Sorry that we are not very clear about the steps and problems you described. You mentioned that an entity was “created from 2 other tables”, do you mean you drew two entities and connecting them with a many-to-many relationship, which results in the auto-creation of a linked table in between? We tested with this step but don’t see any name generated for the FK relationships, which is different from the screenshot you provided… And by “error”, may I know what the error is? Could you show us some screenshots about the steps and results?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung